Our Story

Il Consiglio di Sicilia was born out of an act of love and continues to live on, nurtured by that same spirit. Once the home of Chef Antonio Cicero’s grandmother, the building is filled with nostalgia for him. Since its opening in 2008, hospitality and happiness are at the soul of our corner of paradise here in Donnalucata. And we can’t wait to welcome you as our guest - whether for the first time or on a return visit - and help you build fond and lasting memories of your own Sicilian adventure.

Antonio and Roberta

The Gazebo and Dining Room

In the kitchen, Chef Antonio Cicero creates refined dishes that showcase his philosophy of elegant simplicity. The finest ingredients - with a strong focus on local seafood - are presented with modesty; a style that instinctively speaks of quality and territory, yet beyond the trends of the moment.

The charming Roberta Corradin welcomes everyone with a smile and offers knowledgeable guidance to our guests. Together with her team, she moves between kitchen, dining room and gazebo, threading seamlessly between the cosseted interior and the grand outdoor terrace. Equipped with outdoor heating, this also provides the platform for special jazz aperitifs and meetings with artisans, actors, and artists. We believe culture and art are a match made in heaven with food.

Antonio Cicero

Chef Antonio Cicero was born into a large matriarchal family. His journey into the world of cooking was far from typical and the young Antonio was in part obsessed with motorbikes, but more significantly, focused on the world outside the family home and how elements and people connect. He went on to study Philosophy at the University of Catania, where he immersed himself in the work of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant. It was here too that he first started to cook for himself. However, it was his obsession with his motorbike and the economics of maintaining it that forced him into the world of restaurants and he began working in a local agriturismo on weekends. He joined forces with some student friends and opened a small restaurant in the beachside village of Scoglitti. He opened Il Consiglio di Sicilia in 2008, specialising in seafood and local dishes. In 2010, international food journalist Roberta Corradin entered his life, when she came to review Il Consiglio di Sicilia. A year later, the couple were married.

Chef Antonio Cicero
Roberta e Antonio
Roberta e Antonio
Roberta Corradin

Roberta Corradin

As a child, Roberta Corradin was inspired by a mother who was such a brilliant cook, that Roberta believed life was one endless dinner party. She began her career working with some of Italy's most famous comics, followed by five years writing on pseudo-psychology for various women's newspapers. Her first book published in 1995 - "Ho fatto un pan pepato...ricette di cucina emotiva" - quickly drew the attention of the food editors of mainstream broadsheets and culinary guides. She soon found herself with prolific writing commissions in Italy and beyond, as she worked on a further three books. After almost a decade spent between New York, Paris and Rome, continuously travelling and writing, Roberta began to dream one day of just settling down and opening a trattoria of her own. In 2010, she rented a quiet space to write in southern Sicily near Donnalucata and while there, was commissioned to review Il Consiglio di Sicilia. That first evening she met Chef Antonio Cicero. For the rest of the summer and after a full day working, she would have dinner there every evening. One night, Antonio invited her for a ride on his latest motorbike. She accepted and a year later, the couple were married. Over the past decade, her partnership with Antonio has revolutionised Il Consiglio di Sicilia. Roberta may have stopped travelling, but is delighted now to welcome the world to her.

I nostri valori

The core value of Il Consiglio di Sicilia is happiness. The happiness of our guests and the satisfaction of our team, who pour their heart into their work so that guests leave having experienced something unforgettable. The 'team' is an essential word to us; it means life, love and family, and Antonio Cicero and Roberta Corradin are committed to making the hospitality sector a loving and enjoyable place to work. To achieve this, staff operate an 8-hour working shift, allowing them to rest physically and mentally and enjoy life outside the restaurant, spending time with their own loved ones. Some may argue that this duty of care comes with a cost. Yes, however, we are happy to bear this for the betterment of our staff.



From 6:30pm, slots available for booking: 7:00pm, 7:45pm and 8:00pm

After dinner

From 22.00 (cocktail, wines by the glass, rhum and selection of Samaroli whisky, dessert à la carte)


From 12:30pm. Slots available for booking every half an hour, with the last one at 2:00pm.


From 7:30pm. (Slots available for booking every half an hour, with the last one at 10:00pm)

A note: for same-day bookings, please use the Whatsapp pop-up window or call the +39 340 944 8923 for a quick reply.

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