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Learning and entertainment in our convivial setting


Il Consiglio di Sicilia offers a series of food and wine experiences - spend a day with us between cooking classes, a glass of wine and a little chat.

After two years of social distancing with only a few opportunities to share the same table, Il Consiglio di Sicilia launches some exciting new initiatives to celebrate Sicilian cuisine and wine and to enjoy our conviviality again. Immerse yourself in our world.
Reservations subject to times and availability.
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The authentic Pasta alla Norma

€50 per person

Minimum 4 people

Become the star of our kitchen for a typical Sicilian dish: join us to prepare cavati pasta with Norma sauce, a recipe from the island's tradition, with the exquisite Il Consiglio di Sicilia touch. The cost includes a glass of wine while cooking and a glass of wine at the table. 

photo credit Gabriele Stabile

Speak the way you eat: in Italian

€50 per person

Minimum 2 people

One hour of Italian conversation with author Roberta Corradin - to learn Italian idiomatic expressions, keywords, and customs and traditions at the table. Roberta will also offer suggestions on how to approach your next dining experience as an authentic Italian, regarding flavours and way of saying.

Photo credit Gabriele Stabile


From 30 € (selection of 3 wines) to 90 € (selection of 3 historic Marsala wines)

Minimum 2 - Maximum 8 people

Discover the gems of Sicily with our personalised wine tastings and learn more about independent and local producers. At La Grande Sete, Donnalucata's first situationist wine shop, we have wines for every occasion.

Among the wine tastings on offer: 

  1. Andrea Franchetti, the Myth.
    The anarchist of Etna. Flight of Franchetti red 2018, 2017, 2015. Cesanese and Petit Verdot learn the language of Etna.
    € 75 per person
  2. Journey through Sicilian grape varieties: please, meet Catarratto.
    Bubbles of Porta del Vento, Catarratto Feudo Montoni (the oldest winemaking house in Sicily, natural Catarratto "lustro" of Abbazia San Giorgio)
    € 30 per person
  3. Journey through Sicilian grape varieties: please, meet Grillo.
    Bubbles of De Bartoli, Grillo Barraco, Grillo Integer.
    € 40 per person
  4. Journey through the Sicilian grape varieties: please, meet Carricante.
    Flight of 3 glasses Tornatore Pietrarizzo 2017, Etna Bianco Benanti, Terra di Nuna 2019.
  5. Carricante advanced
    Contrada Cavaliere 2018, Terra di Nuna 2017, Pietra Marina 2016.
    € 60 per person
  6. Trip to the islands: Pantelleria.
    Isola del Vento, Cioè, Integer Zibibbo.
    € 45 per person
  7. Trip to the islands: Aeolian Islands.
    Rosa caolino, Infatata, Occhio di terra.
    €35 per person
  8. Old vineyards on Etna.
    Salvo Foti Vinudilice, White Girolamo Russo San Lorenzo, White Cornelissen Munjebel.
    € 60 per person

For any question, request of information or book your experience, you can:

Text us on whatsapp at +393409448923 or use the above link, underneath each experience description, specifying the type of experience and the booking information.

(ex La vera Pasta alla Norma for Mario Rossi, number of people, email, date and time)

Write us via email ilconsigliodisicilia@gmail.com specifying the type of experience and the booking information.

(ex La vera Pasta alla Norma for Mario Rossi, number of people, email, date and time)

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