I Crudi


Seafood restaurant in Donnalucata


In addition to the à la carte menù, we offer two set menus that will take you on a journey of Sicilian flavours and aromas. The chef takes inspiration from the catch of the day: each culinary experience thus becomes a pleasant surprise to be discovered and rediscovered.
  • Summer Solstice
    Four-course menu: raw antipasto, seafood, Sicilian fish (depending on the catch of the day) served by the slice, our cannolo
    60 €
  • Business Lunch
    Treat your business partners with a special three-course menu
    35 €


  • Sarde a Beccafico
    (almonds, raisins, orange, breadcrumbs; cooked in the oven) not fried but baked! The citrus filling pleasantly degreases the sardine
    15 €
  • The raw ones
    Red prawns, squilla, catch of the day. Silence, the sea is talking.
    32 €
  • Zucchini flan and full moon
    (zucchini, eggs, "full moon" cheese, ricotta) subtitle: "the delight of the vegetarian"
    15 €
  • The tentacle's temptation
    Octopus and potato, the tomato stays away
    18 €
Sarde a Beccafico

First courses

Busiate archeologiche
  • Archeological Busiate
    Creamy garum sauce, zucchini and busiate made for us by Giorgio Minardo in Modica with Russello wheat from Mulino Angelica
    20 €
  • Spaghetti con Vongole e Tartufo Nero di Palazzolo
    25 €
  • Seaside Paddunedda
    Traditional soup with veal meatballs, broken pasta, raw shrimps, ricotta
    22 €
  • Perciasacchi Ravioli
    Ricotta, Timut pepper, plum tomato
    20 €

Second courses

Gallinella in guazzetto con peperoni
  • Aristocratic mackerel
    (yuzu, citrus) as always in Sicily, the people become aristocrats with a beautiful marriage: the humble mackerel marries the yuzu, the Japanese lemon declined in a slightly spicy citrus sauce
    20 €
  • From Pantalica to the Sea
    Traditional vegetable dumpling with red prwan and mackerel
    20 €
  • Roasted Donnalucata's cuttlefish
    Roasted "dirty" as tradition demands
    23 €
  • Iblean Paddlefish
    Simmered with capers, honey and vinegar
    24 €


  • Adults-only Chocolate cake
    Chocolate by Giovanni Cicero, tipsy cherry, bitter orange marmalade, black cardamom, whisky Ben Riach
    12 €
  • Lemon frost, according to us
    (fresh, creamy, a tribute to lemons from the garden) if you have already tasted this traditional dessert elsewhere and it has disappointed you, now is the time to give it a second chance
    6 €
  • Wall Street Journal's cannoli
    (among the top 10 in Sicily; cow's milk ricotta) after it was featured in the Wall Street Journal, you started calling it like that, and the nickname has remained.
    8 €
  • Biancarruba
    Scicli traditional custard “biancomangiare”, with homemade carob caramel
    8 €
Cannolo Siciliano

The sea is not a supermarket. Some of the dishes described may not be available

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