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Jazz Tasting Menu

At Il Consiglio di Sicilia, 2021 is “jazz”! Every day the seasons, the vegetable garden and the sea suggest us which dishes to cook for you. Every day, chef Antonio Cicero talks you through his Sicily in a four-course journey that combines simplicity and elegance for an irresistible price.
  • Every day, four different courses
    according to the market and to the chef's mood, appetizer, first course, second course, dessert


  • Octopus salad
    (local octopus, crunchy vegetables, parsley, lemon) only octopus from Donnalucata, cooked al dente, with vegetables from our garden
    12 €
  • Sarde a Beccafico
    (almonds, raisins, orange, breadcrumbs; cooked in the oven) not fried but baked! The citrus filling pleasantly degreases the sardine
    12 €
  • The raw ones
    the small dish, the large dish (red shrimps, squilla, catch of the day) Silence, the sea speaks
    24 €
  • Zucchini flan and full moon
    (zucchini, eggs, "full moon" cheese, ricotta) subtitle: "to the delight of the vegetarian"
    12 €
Il Consiglio di Sicilia ristorante di mare a Donnalucata

First courses

Il Consiglio di Sicilia ristorante di mare a Donnalucata
  • Like the butter, from the sea
    (linguine, reduction of Mazara red prawns, garlic scent) we use Verrigni spaghetti and Makaira linguine
  • Spaghetti with Taratatà sauce (bottarga, pine nuts, raisins, orange)
    Scicli's historical recipe, it commemorates the battle of the Militias in which the Normans chased the Arabs. Curiously, though, there are much more Arab than Norman ingredients in it
  • Spaghetti al pomodoro (datterino tomato sauce, Tonda Iblea di Chiaramonte Gulfi oil)
    What a tomato! The Scicli's datterino tomato is grown for us by Giovanni Parisi
  • Archeological Busiate
    Creamy garum sauce, zucchini and busiate made for us by Giorgio Minardo in Modica with Russello wheat from Mulino Angelica
    19 €

Second courses

Il Consiglio di Sicilia ristorante di mare a Donnalucata
  • Stuffed spatula
    (aubergine, tomato, semi-seasoned ragusano cheese, basil) a long seller that changes clothese with the season
  • Baked amberjack
    (tomato, capers, white wine, Donnalucata potatoes) Silence, the sea speaks. For the purists, the health-conscious ones and the gourmands
  • Caramelised amberjack
    (fresh ginger, soy) the trendy and high-heeled sister of the baked amberjack
  • Aristocratic mackerel
    (yuzu, citrus) as always in Sicily, the people become aristocrats with a beautiful marriage: the humble mackerel marries the yuzu, the Japanese lemon declined in a slightly spicy citrus sauce
  • Sexy cod
    (lemon zest, lapsang-souchong tea) infused with lapsang-souchong tea used as a spice; in stew without tomato. He's always pale in the end, he's always a cod, but he's become sexy like Marilyn Monroe in a bathrobe.


  • Wall Street Journal's cannoli
    (among the top 10 in Sicily; cow's milk ricotta) after it was featured in the Wall Street Journal, you started calling it like that, and the nickname has remained.
  • Lemon frost, according to us
    (fresh, creamy, a tribute to lemons from the garden) if you have already tasted this traditional dessert elsewhere and it has disappointed you, now is the time to give it a second chance
  • The tiramisì
    (Majorcan sponge cake, Turkish coffee, ricotta, orange blossom, rose, saffron) Sicily's answer to tiramisu: everything the same, everything different
  • Soft heart chocolate cake
    (Modica 65% chocolate, orange jam) we tried to remove it from the menu and you threatened the riot. So we added the older brother that follows.
Il Consiglio di Sicilia ristorante di mare a Donnalucata

The sea is not a supermarket. Some of the dishes described may not be available

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